Robotic-Fun Events

One of the main things we are doing for our community, is the "Robotic-fun". We have stations for kids and families - art, movie, lectures, special guest (Rona Ramon), lego, electricity and more. This year we had the 6th event. 

Since 2011, each year the event is dedicated to Amnon Gebert.


This year we had a special event after the "Robotic-fun" - a ten year celebration. This is our 10th year, and we orginized an event with most graduates of the team. We listened to the stories and experiences. 


Children Village

Rakefet Kindergarden

The ecological garden

Kindergarden 31-01-2014

Nitzanim club

Nahriya Hospital Children Ward

Sakhnin Space week
MOONA - 29-01-2014

Nitzanim club-27-01-2014

Misgav Race event

Since 2008 season we are preforming several different activities for our community at large. Here are some examples:

Community Involvement