Over the last 15 years, MisCar has taken part in a variety of activities in the community. We have visited children hospitals, the local day center for mentally handicapped children (Nitzanim), as well as the children’s village (Kfar HaYeladim). We have assisted over 50% of Israel’s FRC teams. MisCar has organized a pit at the community independence day event for visitors to interact with our robots.Our big annual Robotic-Fun event is organized and put on solely by the team members on kick-off day, to which attendance grows immensely each year.

MisCar team members volunteer at Magen David Adom (Israel’s red cross) as well as in lead roles at the different levels of the FIRST competitions.

We also present lectures to prospective sponsors and other high tech groups.


Over the last three years, we developed a program close to our heart to reduce road deaths in our community and our country (which are higher than military losses). Rethink Safe Driving has become a much anticipated yearly activity in the local kindergartens and this year our first high school classes were very successful.


Misgav Region

Misgav Council Award - Yakir Misgav

Misgav Council award each year a person or a group of people who were found eligible to recieve an award for their volenteer activites during the years. 



Robotic-Fun Events

One of the main things we are doing for our community, is the "Robotic-fun". We have stations for kids and families - art, movie, lectures, special guest (Rona Ramon), lego, electricity and more. This year we had the 6th event. 

Since 2011, each year the event is dedicated to Amnon Gebert.

Event Partners


Community Involvement

Since 2008 season we are preforming several different activities for our community at large. Here are some examples:

Rethink Road Safety

Rethink Road Safety teaches road safety to different age groups, from kindergarten to high school, in an interactive way through science and technology.

The team’s goal is to instill road safety in a way that will achieve lasting effects on the students, as well as expose them to MisCar’s activities, STEM, and FIRST in general.

We found that just a small program change makes it possible to produce an activity suitable to different age groups and thus achieve the same goal in different ways.


Special needs school

High Schools


FIRST  Community

Seminars for FRC teams

Since 2006 we adopt rookie teams and assist them along the season. Since 2009 we also design seminars for other teams to prepare them for the season.