Noam Rubinstein

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“I was her physics teacher in 2007. She joined MisCar robotics team in 2008.
From the beginning her superior qualities assisted the team.
Her kindness, modesty and large smile will be always in our hearts.”

Dr. Yaron Doppelt, Senior mentor since 2007


Memorial Video

The video was shown before the Israeli FRC Final

“I joined the team in 2009, when Noam was a co-captain with Adi Levy. In those two years, I met someone with an open heart, quiet, caring and so intelligent. 

In every season, through the hardships, Noam had her way, the "Noam Way". The way, that no matter how hard the moment is, how difficult it is- there’s always a solution. A way of calmness and sanity. Without stress.

I learnt a lot from Noam, especially as a rookie.

In those years, she was the calmer side of the team - and in the last two days I can’t get it out of my head. 

It’s hard to speak of Noam in past tense, it’s just not possible…

It is unthinkable that a person who’s one year older than me, that we spent so much time together, isn’t here anymore. I open every news site and see her picture on the screen… enter the article and hopes it’s a bad dream, but no, that’s reality.

I write it with shivers down my spine. It never happened to me that I couldn’t type due my shaking hands from disbelief. May she rest in peace.”

Asaf Israelit, 2011 MisCar 1574’s captain


“Noam was a quiet leader, someone who does and make others do. Without shouts and pressing, she quietly did what was needed to be done and stressed from nothing.

I happened to sit with Noam and learn from her a lot. Beyond her vast knowledge and amazing skills, she knew to take a step back and let others lead on for after she graduates. From the two years she wrote the robot’s code practically alone, in her third year she barely touched it, to let the “next generation” try under her watchful eyes.It’s hard to think that I’ll never see again the person who taught me so much, and like her name created pleasantness around her even in the stressful of days.For me, Noam will always stay an image of a person who lives by their values, that leads quietly and humbly and always thinks of the other.May she rest in peace.”

Paz Aranyi, 2011 head of MisCar 1574’s Electronics and Programming team

“I first met Noam when her team fostered ours in 2009. I don’t remember much from that day, only that she guided me personally, patiently and calmly. I kept in touch with her since, and in that season I called her twice to help my team- she assisted swiftly.

In the regional day I saw how she led her team to greatness with the dedication, professionalism and quiet that became her trademark.

When she told me where she’s going in her military service, I wasn’t surprised- I knew that they needed someone as unique as her.

I rarely saw her since, and I’m sorry I didn’t know her better.

May she rest in peace.”

"Noam was an unusually brilliant girl, a graced physicist. She was very devoted, considerate, humble and always helpful.

Noam kept excelling in her military service, and reached a desired place where she could continue contributing to the national security.When I heard about her death, I looked back at our old Facebook conversations, and once again saw how supporting, positive, energetic and a real optimist. It’s so sad we lost someone like her, may she rest in peace.”

Dar Kahllon

“I joined the team in 2010, when I was in 10th grade and Noam was in 12th and a co-captain. Noam was responsible for tutoring the new programmers and electricians and did it with great love, for a few hours everyday. Moreover, she was responsible for the team’s public relations with the community. In 2010, the team was most active in the community, the first Robotic-fun event took place that year, we volunteered in an autistic afternoon childcare and visited hospitals and played with children with the robots, all of which was Noam’s initiative. From the year we had together, I met a person just like everyone describes, pleasant, intelligent, brilliant and devoted. She taught me all I know about FIRST, from programming and wiring to help other teams.”

Yuval Harduf, 2012 MisCar’s Captain


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