Robot specifications


Areial Assist


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in the center of planning our chassis, we set several goals:

  • Low center of gravity.

  • Easy and quick maintenance.

  • A highly efficient driving system.

  • Power and speed.

  • Reducing the weight of the driving system.

Shooting system:

  • Designed to a large range of shooting distance with maximum accuracy using certain calibration values.

  • Amplifying the pistons’ velocity to maximum shooting velocity.

Shooting “Ears”:

  • Determine the angle at which the ball leaves the catapult to achieve various ranges to shoot or to pass the ball over the Truss.

  • Lowering the “Ears” To pick the ball up from the carpet.

  • 2 modes to the autonomous to handle 2 balls at once or only one ball.

Collecting System:

  • Designed to maximize the flexibility in handling the ball with different alliance robots.

  • Removal of a ball from either side.

  • Collecting and ejecting a ball at different heights.

  • Holding a ball safely while driving.

  • Preventing Opponent’s ball from entering the robot.

Control System:

  • Autonomous mode of shooting, driving collecting and shooting again.

  • Using an onboard camera to see the Goal and recognize a Hot Goal in Autonomous mode.

  • Various shooting ranges by controlling the shooting angle (PID).

  • Controlling the collecting system accordingly- different states were achieved by PID control.

  • Controlling the driving system and the gears.